June 27, 2016

Hens in the Pasture - Green Loans in Action


The dry trailer was at the end of its life. For years and millions of miles, it had been coupled to a semi and hauled an untold amount of things to as many locations. On the side of it, the paint had faded in the shape of the logo of the freight company that no longer needed the 53’ trailer with wood floors and swing doors in the back.

When Dan, the farmer we partner with for our pasture-raised eggs, and I discovered this large, old trailer, we thought if re-purposed, it just might make a perfect home for a new flock of pasture-raised hens. It was on wheels, making it easy to move around the field of green grass to ensure the ladies give all the pasture equal love. With roomy roosts in the back, nest boxes in the front, and a ramp leading in and out, this old trailer would make the ultimate chicken pad.

It’s easy to taste the difference in pasture-raised eggs because the hens are healthier. Of their free will, scheduled by the rise of the sun, the hens will march out of their night quarters to scratch and peck at green pasture and all the little nutritious treasures they find in it. During the day, they will flap their wings while others wander back into the trailer to lay eggs. As the sun sets, one will lead, and the rest will follow, leaving the pasture empty until tomorrow’s sunrise. About this time, the guard dog who had been snoozing in the shade of the trailer all day, will wake and begin his shift. The night is full of coyotes, raccoons, possums and owls who will look for any easy meal of our hens only to be deterred by the faithful guard dog.

This is what makes the yolks so yellow and taste so good. Given that our pasture-raised eggs are popular and often sell out quickly, we’ve been looking for the right opportunity to expand our flock. Like the choice to farm sustainably and organically, the choice to farm pasture-raised eggs often requires more work, planning and time than conventional factory eggs.

As such, this year we are building a better egg program as part of our Green Loan program where customers and the community can lend us working capital to bring projects like our new pasture-raised egg program to reality. In a nutshell, we will pay you a set interest rate in cash or in Farm Fresh To You credits. The loans we are willing to accept range from $2,000 to $50,000. With over 200 participants, this program is completely legitimate and licensed through the Department of Business Oversight as a DPO (direct private offering).

We are excited to be expanding our flock of pasture-raised egg layers and hope you are too! To learn more about investment options, please email us at mstuart@farmfreshtoyou.com. Thank you for considering our Green Loan program as a secure way to let your money grow while building a better food system.