December 31, 2018

Living In The Moment


Farm News 

A big rain came through the farm a few weeks ago. The parched earth soaked up the water without leaving a drop to run off into the creek. Today, the change from that big drink of water is visible. The hills, once bright white with sun-bleached, dry grass are now rustic with wet, brown grass and a base layer of green sprouts on their way up to dominate the landscape.

December 28, 2018

Know Your Farmer: Fishpeople

Know Your Farmer: Fishpeople

Know Your Farmer

After a successful career in the textile and apparel industry, Duncan Berry moved to the central coast of Oregon with the idea of starting an environmental consulting business. He was passionate about protecting and restoring Oregon’s natural resources. He had grown up salmon fishing on his family’s fishing boat, so an interest in marine life came naturally to him. He became increasingly involved in marine reserve projects as well as environmental policy. It was at a sustainability-focused roundtable with Oregon’s governor that he met Kipp Baratoff, who had a background in finance and operations. Together, they recognized that the way the fishing industry was operating at the time was inefficient and harmful to the environment. Ocean habitats were in danger, as were the coastal communities where economies depended on the industry. With the goal of revolutionizing the relationship between consumers and the sea, they co-founded Fishpeople in 2012.

December 13, 2018

Know Your Farmer: Jacobsen Salt Co.


When Ben Jacobsen lived in Scandinavia, he discovered the magic of finishing salt — how it can be the single most effective and affordable way one can elevate food. He instantly became mesmerized by how "good salt" can elevate each bite of food. His appreciation for salt quickly turned into a pursuit for making the best salt in America.

December 10, 2018

Farm-tastic Gifts to Fulfill Your List

As much as this season is about being joyous and grateful, the gifting process can be time consuming. We can help you continue to feel the joy and beat the crowds by delivering gifts directly to your door. We have an eclectic gift selection for all those fabulous people in your life: the green thumb, the foodie, the salty chef, the sweet tooth and more. When you Customize Your Box, you can easily check off all those gifts on your list!

December 3, 2018

Know Your Farmer: Clover Sonoma

Farm Fresh To You: Clover Sonoma

Iconic Clo the Cow Brings Prosperity

We all love the iconic Clo the Cow with her magnificent smile and witty puns. The more you learn about Clover Sonoma, the more you will love them too. Let’s jump into a quick history lesson to see why Clover is a great company to partner with!