March 19, 2014

Sacramento Food Film Festival - Ticket Giveaway

Sacramento Food Film Festival is here! We just received two tickets - and we are excited to give them away to you, but you have to act fast!

Entry deadline is 7:00 p.m TODAY, March 19th!
Tickets are for the VIP Festival Premiere Reception on Thursday, March 20th, OR to the film "Beer Wars" on Saturday, March 22nd! The winner will choose which event they want to attend. Please note, the events are in Sacramento and you have to be available to attend on either of the two dates mentioned.


To win two tickets to one of the two events
(winner chooses which event - one entry per person please),
leave a comment below answering the question:

My favorite food-themed movie is ___________.
We've randomly chosen a winner! Congratulations to Sabra,
whose favorite food-themed movie is "Big Night."
We hope you enjoy the event!

The Festival, which starts Thursday, March 20th, at Ten22 Restaurant in Sacramento, is a 10-day event that benefits California Food Literacy Center. Farm Fresh To You has been a proud sponsor of this festival since its inception and we encourage you to increase your food literacy by enjoying one of the seven food-themed events taking place March 20th to 30th.

Event prices ranging from FREE to $40 and events will include a mixture of family entertainment, film stars, local celebrity chefs and more! Check out the entire line up of events.

More About the Events Featured in our Giveaway

Thursday, March 20, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Film: Watch the award winning Spinning Plates!
Venue: Food Film Festival Premiere at Ten22!
Food & Fun: Ticket includes a swag bag stuffed with olive oil, Chocolate Fish coffee, gourmet vanilla beans, & more! Enjoy wine, appetizers and dessert from Ten22 made with ingredients sourced from Passmore Ranch & Farm Fresh to You.

Saturday, March 22, 4-6 p.m.
Film: "Beer Wars"
Food & Fun: Sneak preview of Ruhstaller Beer’s never-before-released Nugget Ale, a local beer made with native hops grown just off I-80 outside Sacramento. Bites from famed Chef Adam Pechal, including soft pretzels from Freeport Bakery, popcorn, cheeses and nuts from Whole Foods Market Sacramento.
No purchase required. Limit one entry per person, please. Entries will close on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 7:00 pm. Winners are chosen by Random Number Generator and announced on our blog on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

March 3, 2014

California Endive


The endive (pronounced on-deev) is a unique and delicious treat that is crisp and bitter when raw, making them a great way to brighten up salads this time of year. When cooked, endive's sharp flavor softens into a mellow sweetness -- whether steamed, grilled or braised.


Endive is grown from chicory roots in a dark environment, which is why their tender leaves are such a light yellow. Most people refer to this variety as Belgian endive although it could be called the refined cousin of the chicory family, with its tightly packed leaves and smooth, elongated shape. This versatile veggie can be prepared in many ways: appetizers, salads, stuffed, side dishes and can even take center stage as a main dish. A great way to serve them is to use the leaves in the form of a "boat" and stuff the leaves with goodies like soft cheese, avocado or fruit salad. You can also use them as substitute for chips and eat them with your favorite dip.

California Endive Farms

Endive is one of the most difficult vegetables in the world to grow and requires a two-step growing process before it is ready for to enjoy. The first growth takes about 150 days in the field, where the chicory grows from seed into a leafy green plant with a deep tap root. At harvest, tops of the leafy chicory plant are cut off, the roots dug up, and then placed in cold storage where they enter a dormancy period.

Endive Rows

As demand necessitates, roots are removed from cold storage for their second growth, which takes 28 days in dark, cool, humid forcing rooms, similar to a mushroom growing facility. The control over the initiation of this second growing process allows for the year-round production of endive.

Rich Red & White Endive

Although these delicate beauties were once imported from Belgium and Holland, Rich Collins started growing them in California more than thirty years ago. His family farm was started in 1983, with just five acres. Originally named Rebel Farms, because many doubted that Belgian-style endive could be successfully grown in America. Today, California Endive Farms cultivates 300 acres in Rio Vista, CA and is the largest grower of red endive in the world.
A big thank you to the Collins family for sharing this specialty crop with our CSA family!