May 15, 2019

Lettuce Get Inspired | National Salad Month

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We may typically take the easy route and make what my mother-in-law likes to call the “honeymoon salad” because it’s lettuce alone (get it, let us alone). This month let’s stretch ourselves just a little to make more delicious and nutritious salads that challenge the traditional idea of a salad and that may even leave out the lettuce altogether–see ya later lettuce, have a good honeymoon.

Salad Inspiration

To make your salad a nutrition powerhouse, think about adding color and texture.  Start with the greens and instead of using lettuce as your base, try mixing in darker greens like spinach or red kale.  Add your favorite veggies for flavor and crunch–cucumber, tomato, broccoli, shredded carrot, radish, red onion and snap peas are a few options. Fruits can be delicious too and add a sweetness to your salad. Try fruits like Mandarin oranges, sliced strawberries or apples or avocado as a topping.  Don’t forget the protein.  Beans like garbanzo, black or pinto beans add protein, fiber and flavor to any salad.  Parmesan or blue cheese give a definitive flavor and a lean meat like fish or chicken breast also make a great addition.  Top with nuts and seeds.


Dress it Up

One way to motivate yourself to eat more salad is to have a tasty, homemade dressing drizzled on top. The secret is using fresh, seasonal produce in combination with good quality oils, vinegars or dairy. Here are our top 5 favorite dressing recipes to get you prepping for a lusciously dressed salad.

The Mason Jar Salad Trick

Sure, salads are known for being healthy, but they also make great on-the-go meals! This tasty mason jar salad trend is simple to prepare early in the week for an easy lunch solution.  Here's how to mix it up!

Mason Jar Salad

The name of the game is layers. The basic idea when packing salad into jars is to start with the heartiest and less-absorbent ingredients first. Begin with the dressing on the bottom of the jar and work your way up through the lighter ingredients until you end up with the leafy salad greens.

Check out our blog on Mason Jar Salad Tutorial for step-by-step directions on how to build a Mason Jar salad!

Salad Recipes We Love

Healthy Radish & Mandarin Quinoa Salad
This salad is so healthy and hearty at the same time. It has creamy roasted sweet potatoes, crunchy quinoa and radishes, tart and tangy mandarins all on top of crispy lettuce.


Broccoli and Kale Pasta Salad
The mixture of Greek yogurt, lemon, and herb dressing to top off some amazing organic produce and pasta ensures not only satisfied taste buds but also a satisfied tummy.

broccoli and pasta salad with herb yogurt dressing

Spring Salad With Green Garlic Dressing
The spelt and hard-boiled egg make this spinach salad more filling and the creamy garlic dressing is delicious!


Refreshing Raw Artichoke Salad
Raw artichokes have a crunchy nutty flavor, which pairs perfectly with your favorite greens, salty Parmesan and refreshing lemon zest.


Sunchoke, Apple, & Fennel Salad
Sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem Artichokes) have a sweet and nutty flavor. This crispy salad is marinated in a rice wine vinaigrette, then tossed with fennel, radishes and apples.


For more salad inspiration, check out our salad recipes on our Recipe page.

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May 13, 2019

Let’s Veg Out Together!

spring veggies_shutterstock_594306212

An abundance of springtime fruits and veggies are available to add to your farm box this week! What a perfect time to showcase vibrant produce for National Vegetarian Week. An increasing number of people are interested in plant-based meals, some for the nutritional benefit, some looking to add a sustainable practice, and others in search of economic value. Practicing plant-based living can feel great, while promoting health and well-being. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat-eater, pescatarian, flexitarian or vegan, eating more veggie food is a delicious way to do your part for the environment too. We have seven suggested activities you can do to veg out!

Plan a Week of Vegetarian Meals (and Customize Your Box)

Planning out a week’s worth of meals is a brilliant way to make your life a little easier. There are several blogs out there that provide a full vegetarian meal plan for one week to one month. You can also check out our recipes and blogs for inspiration. We highlight delicious recipes such as black bean and roasted root burger, spring ramen with snap peas and asparagus, and red cabbage salad. Check out more recipes here.


Before you make your grocery list, think about how many meals you will eat at home, then jot down the meals you have in mind. It’s always easier to have a couple meals that overlap with ingredients, so that you can make sure you will use all your fruits and veggies up during the week. If you are planning on going out for a meal or two, make sure to choose a restaurant that has a several vegetarian options.

Farm Box Members: Once you have your list, head over to our online Farm Stand Market to add the fruits, veggies, and artisan grocery items you need to your next farm box delivery! Pay attention to the Pantry and Meatless category options on the Add Farm Products page.

Share a Picture on Social

Post a picture of your farm box or a vegetarian meal you made on your preferred social platform and let others know that you are vegging out this week. You never know, you may just inspire others to do the same. Make sure to use hashtags #farmfreshtoyou #fftyunboxed #nationalvegetarianweek.

Veggie Social

Have a Vegetarian Picnic

Pack your blanket and a basket full of veggie treats and head outdoors for a picnic. Whether you have time to head to a park, the beach, a forest setting, or just your backyard, you can enjoy some leisurely time while eating some fueled, good-for-you food.


Start A Kitchen Herb Garden

Growing kitchen herbs is a nice way to add some fresh flavor to your meals. Back To The Roots Kitchen Herb Garden offers an easy way to grow basil, mint, and cilantro as a kitchen companion. If you are a Farm Box Member, you can add this kit to your box during customization.


Pickle Spring Veggies

Pickling can be a super fun way to get your kids involved and create yummy fermented veggies within five days’ time. Below provides an easy recipe for pickling or you can add the Kraut Source Fermentation Kit when customizing your box. Either way, you will have some fantastic fermented food to enjoy and feel satisfied knowing you made them yourself.


Pickling Recipe:

1. Pick veggies or fruits (cucumber, carrots, beets, zucchini, green beans, etc.)

2. Put spices that you like on the bottom of the jar. Some of the more popular spices include allspice, bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, ginger, mustard seeds and peppercorns to name a few.

3. Put 1 grape leaf or oak leaf at the bottom to keep them crispy.

4. Wash produce and chop into pieces (you decide how big).

5. Pack into jar to the top of the label.

6. Make brine: mix about 2 + tablespoons of salt with a 16 oz (pint) of the best water you got (sea salt or mineral is best).

7. Pour brine over veggies till the fill line.

8. Put lid on with air lock and wait 5+ days, then taste!


Have a Plant-Based BBQ

The weather is perfect for a BBQ, so why not make it plant-based and celebrate the flavors of the season? This weekend get some friends or family together, light that barbecue, and cook up a veggie feast. With so many plant-based options available, there has never been a better time to enjoy grilling. Try veggie & tofu kababs, spiced sweet potato slices, or carrots with rosemary & thyme.

grilled carrots shutterstock_1084106897

Play With Your Food

Create a food art masterpiece with your plant-based foods. Think you can make the Leaning Tower of Pisa with your zucchini or a wise owl out of fruit? Be creative and make your favorite animal, historic landmark, or landscape and share your food artwork on social media before devouring your edible art.

veggie art_shutterstock_656018017

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May 9, 2019

Food Memories from our Farm Family

Food Memories

Food holds a special place in all of our hearts. It connects us to our community and it bridges generations. The taste, smell and texture of food can be powerful, evoking emotion and eliciting memories. With one bite you can find yourself transported back into your childhood kitchen or your grandparent's garden. Our food memories are made stronger by the fact that all five of your senses are utilized when eating, so you may even find that you can smell your great-aunt's perfume or hear your grandfather's radio playing in the background. Food is embedded in our relationships with loved ones. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked Farm Fresh To You employees to share some of their favorite food memories and the foods that make them nostalgic. We hope you enjoy their stories and we hope they spark some sentimental memories in you as well!

Who inspired you to start cooking?

My mom - she had an innate ability in the kitchen. When my mom was ill, the importance of food amplified. Cooking was something she could still be passionate about and physically manage. In living with my mom for 4 months during her illness, I gained a greater education of food, flavors, and connection to the seasons. Preparing farm fresh feasts is now a favorite pastime.
Leila, Marketing Specialist

All of the women of my family. One of my fondest memories is hearing the loud laughter and chatter of my mother, aunts and grandmother cooking together. That love and laughter has always been the main reason why I love cooking so much. I like that I am able to pass that down to those I love and care for.
Chloe, Customer Service Representative

My grandmother. She always made amazing meals for me. Growing up, I wanted to learn from her so I could return the favor.
Mariah, Customer Service Representative

My mom and my grandmother. I remember helping them bake chocolate chip meringue cookies and banana bread when I was little. My mom used to call my grandma all the time to ask cooking questions, and now I do the same thing with my mom!
Heather, Marketing Specialist

Mother's Day Food Memories

What’s a food that reminds you of your childhood?

Potato salad. It’s my grandma’s recipe and it’s the first thing my mom taught me how to make. (I think it was so time-consuming she couldn’t wait to hand it off to me.) The recipe has been handed down to each daughter in the family. I have also taught my daughters to make it.
Kimberly, Payroll Specialist

My mom’s chicken soup that she made from scratch was everything. Even now, I still ask her to make it for me when I’m sick.
Gabbi, Customer Service Representative

I'd make toast for my mother and I most mornings. She is British and loves Marmite, though I can't stand it. I'd be dismayed if any accidentally got on my toast or fingers because of its pungency, but I knew it was important to her and reminded her of the foods she enjoyed growing up in the UK.
Sophie, Customer Service Representative

Lasagna. It was always my favorite meal to make with my mother. I enjoyed this so much because my job was to mix the ricotta and spinach with my hands. Even now when I make it for myself as an adult, I still enjoy mixing the ricotta and spinach!
Chloe, Customer Service Representative

Green bean casserole! My mom would make this for dinner every now and then. She made it with tons of green beans and topped the dish off with onion shoe strings and baked it to a crisp. It holds a warm spot in my heart - it reminds me of a time when things were simple.
Daniel, Event Booking Admin

Mother's Day Food Memories

Tell us about a food memory that makes you feel connected to your family.

I found a recipe card of my great grandmother’s lemon meringue pie. Through practice, I was finally told by my family that it was just like hers, which warmed my heart.
Mariah, Customer Service Representative

I have fond memories of the Capay Crush festival at the farm with my wife and children. The kids had so much fun!
William, Field Manager

My grandmother would organize birthday dinners each month for anyone with a birthday in that month. It was a mix of everyone’s favorite dishes all at one dinner. So much time was spent around her long oak table with one another.
Amanda, HR Coordinator

My maternal grandparents were both first-generation children of Italian immigrants, and they could whip up some serious plates of pasta. However, it wasn’t the eating of the food that I remember most. It was the smell of the gravy (which most people call sauce). My grandma would start making it the day before and it would simmer all night. You could smell it when you walked up to their front door and everyone in the family would have to say something about how good it smelled. My mom has mastered this, and I think it’s time I learn.
Jim, IT Manager

My grandchildren and I walk to the local farmers market to get some fresh organic produce. Then we go back to my house and they help me make Sunday dinner for the whole family!
Cynthia, Inside Sales Representative

My mom and I always cook together when I’m home and we use the time to catch up and talk about life. She makes the best chicken alfredo - this meal reminds me of pure comfort and love.
Samantha, Digital Marketing Manager

Mother's Day Food Memories