June 8, 2023

About Asparagus

About asparagus

Farm News

We are thrilled to bring you asparagus this spring, as in many years past, from our friends and farming partners at Durst Organic Growers. Jim and Deborah Durst have been growing organic crops since 1988, continuing the Durst family farming legacy that began in northern California in the late 1800s.

June 2, 2023

Snake Sighting

Snake sighting

Farm News

As the truck and trailer came to a skidding stop on the gravel road, I jumped out of the truck, then remembered to turn off the diesel engine in the hope of getting some good audio of the hissing. That glimmer on the end of the serpent was what I suspected, a rattle,-- each nub the result of one skin shed. It was a beautiful and huge rattlesnake, the back half still in the gravel road, the front starting to make its way up a bank on the side of the road.