June 30, 2016

Celebrating Love on the Farm

Celebrating Love on the Farm

These two met at a Capay Tomato Festival and haven’t missed our annual event since. A little birdy told us they are now engaged! Congratulations Max and Reamonn!! We are looking forward to seeing you again Saturday, July 16th for our 9th annual Capay Tomato Festival.

We've got a few more stories we'll be sharing over the next few weeks of how friends, families and folks who’ve never met before have celebrated and found love on our farm. It’s an honor that you, our community, share these everyday extraordinary moments with us.

In general, Gavin and Lilly did a lot of falling in love on the farm. Gavin lived on the farm and would travel to SF on weekends to see friends - and that's when he met Lilly. They were at a mutual friend’s birthday party where he offered her a Candystripe fig from the farm. One fig led to another, and they spent most of the party exchanging summer stories and dancing until the wee hours.

Soon she started making trips out to the farm for events, to harvest fresh veggies and fruits, cook, enjoy the natural beauty and hang out with Gavin's cousins - Noah, Thaddeus and Freeman, 2nd generation owners of Farm Fresh To You.

This summer they are getting married on the farm - the perfect place for their wedding! We couldn't be more excited!

Do you have a story of love shared or found on our farm? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Just leave us a comment below.