April 4, 2016

Spring Vegetables


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. The hills remain green from the rain that we received this season. All of the fruiting trees have replaced their flowers with green leaves that are fresh and tender. Their color matches the plume of green that the oak trees have created. There are always nice smells in the air - the perfume of the orange blossoms, the whiff of freshly cut cover crops, the clean smell of a gentle, spring breeze. Finding reasons to be outside has not been hard!

Our patch of spring vegetables is growing quickly with the warming weather. The radishes, bok choy and arugula are ready to harvest. The new crop of carrots, beets and spinach are only a few weeks away. Asparagus spears continue to shoot up from their dirt beds that cover their root systems. The broccoli and lettuce transplants are growing quickly.

While the spring vegetable crops hit their stride, the summer crops are just beginning their transfer from their cushy greenhouse life into the fields that will give them the room they need to send their roots deep. Tomato, melon, pepper and eggplant transplants are all finding their ways into our fields. The little plants are a little shocked now, but it will not be long until they warm up to their big opportunity and start growing like mad.

All of these tasks take lots of work and water. The irrigation crew has been busy installing new drip and sprinkler irrigation systems for each crop and turning the pumps on that feed those systems. They zip around the farm on their quads and in their trucks with smiles on their faces with the clear task of keeping all the plants’ thirst quenched. Things are bustling, and we are ready and excited for the new season.