December 10, 2015

Know Your Farmer: Flatlands Olive Oil

susan and colin flatlands olive oil

Every now and then we come across a farm product that is true to the old-school philosophy of producing slow food; where variety, taste and quality outweigh quantity and convenience - we love that! Meet Susan Ellsworth and Colin Dixon of Flatlands Oil & Mill, a husband and wife duo that are bucking the agricultural trend to go big on acreage and small on olive varieties. In fact, they are going in the complete opposite direction.

flatlands owl

Dixon and Ellsworth are located in Winters, CA, where they are continuing the tradition of organically farming and milling their olive oil alongside their mentors and friends, Mike and Dianne of Yolo Press. Their grove includes sixteen varieties of olives, a wide range of perennial and annual crops, hedgerows, an owl and an active habitat that help to promote a healthy and diverse ecosystem for their orchard. Olive trees tend to be drought tolerant and can survive years of little water, creating oil that is bolder and more full-bodied, with even more of those good polyphenols. These trees require few fertilizers and minimal pest management, which make them an ideal crop for sustainable farming.

harvesting olives

Dixon and Ellsworth are committed to making olive oil that tastes the way it used to; it can be an ointment, an elixir or a food, but it should never be bland. One thing that may surprise you to learn is that olive oil doesn’t get better with age. Combinations that make oil appetizing, peppery and good for you, break down in the presence of light, heat and oxygen. Flatlands believes in getting oil to their customers that is as fresh as it can be. That's why each bottle is marked with the date harvested.

tasting flatlands olive oil

We are excited to now offer the Leccino Olio Nuovo olive oil, which is bright green, unfiltered and with just enough spice at the finish to guarantee that it has those good polyphenols. The oil is bold, as all Nuovo's are, yet balanced with Leccino's traditional fruitiness. While this oil is great for cooking, consider ways to use it that will feature its fresh flavor: dipping, dressings or toss it with pasta, garlic, herbs and your favorite salt.

Flatlands extra virgin olive oil

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