December 28, 2015

Healthy Juices for 2016 Part 1

Ugh, the holidays are almost (finally) over and we're ready to get back on track health-wise. Are we the only ones who overindulged in 10,000 different Christmas cookies chased with glasses of egg nog? Anyway, we're ready to start our mornings with some fresh juices or at the very least eat something green for the day. There are juices here for everyone, from the newbies to the die-hard green juice lovers. Check out our recipes below and be sure to check out our Healthy Juices for 2016 Part 2 for another round up of delicious, healthy juices.

Kiwi and Pear Green Juice

While kiwi, pear and celery might sound like a strange combination for juice, we promise you'll love this juice even if you aren't a fan of "green" juices. This juice is slightly sweet and totally refreshing! Get the recipe for Kiwi and Pear juice here.

Refreshing Turmeric Tonic

Still trying to kick that winter cold? We love drinking this turmeric tonic from Bon Appetit to prevent or get over colds during the holiday season when everyone is in close quarters. The turmeric and ginger give this tonic a slight kick that we love. Try the Refreshing Turmeric Tonic now.

Get Your Greens On Juice

This healthy green juice with kale, apples, parsley and lime is good, but not for the faint of heart. (We like it, but it's definitely a potent green juice). Get the recipe for this Get Your Greens On Juice here.

Get Well Juice

We adapted this healthy, cleansing juice from Bon Appetit. Drinking this ginger and turmeric juice when we have a cold instantly makes us feel better! Try the recipe for our Get Well Juice here.

Do you have any favorite ingredients you like to juice? Also, don't forget to check out our Healthy Juices for 2016 Part 2!

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