December 30, 2015

Healthy Juices for 2016 Part 2

We hope you enjoyed our first round of Healthy Juices for 2016 Part 1 and are ready for round two! We've done our best to include juices for everyone, from the newbies to the die-hard green juice lovers. Check out the recipes below and let us know if you try any of them!

Refreshing Kiwi, Apple and Fennel Juice

This light and refreshing juice with kiwi, apple and fennel is a perfect way to ease into juicing if you've never tried a juice before. The kiwi and apple are slightly sweet and the fennel only gives a slight kiss of flavor. Get the Refreshing Kiwi, Apple and Fennel Juice Recipe here.

Sunrise Juice

Packed with vitamin C, this sunrise juice is the perfect juice for when you're feeling under the weather, need a little pick-me-up, or want a simple, fresh juice to make. Add in the ginger if you want a little bit of kick to your juice or are fighting a cold. Get the recipe for the Sunrise Juice here.

Clean Green Juice

Simple and with only a few ingredients, this juice is easy to make and a great way to get some fruits and veggies for the day. This has a mild "green juice" flavor. Get the Clean Green Juice recipe here.

Purple Power Juice

This juice with beets, carrots, apple and pear is a great way to play around with varying flavors and see what kind of juice profile you like. Add more pears, apple or ginger if you don't want to taste the beets at all, or stick to just one apple and pear each with no ginger to taste the earthiness of the beets and carrots. We promise you'll like this juice even if you aren't sure about the beets -- adding apples and pears masks the flavor and you can't even taste it! Try the Purple Power Juice by clicking here.

Lean Green Gravenstein

Bok choy seems like it might be an odd choice in a juice, but it actually complements the pear and apple fantastically. In the recipe, we used Gravenstein apples, but any apple will do. This is a great green juice to try if you're new and leery about dipping your toe in the green juice pool. Get the Lean Green Gravenstein Juice here.

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