July 5, 2023

Summertime is Tomato Time

Summertime is Tomato Time

Tomatoes grow in a dazzling array of sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors, making them the most popular garden crop of the last 200 years. Here at Farm Fresh To You we love our tomatoes, and we know you do too!

Whether growing them at a farm scale or in a home garden, tomatoes taste the absolute best at the height of summer, when the sun, soil and water have mixed in the correct proportions to yield a sweet juicy fruit. Remember that tomatoes can be picked while still a bit firm and ripened on the counter, – but avoid putting them in the refrigerator or they will acquire a mealy texture.

Tomatoes were first cultivated in Central America by the Aztecs around 700 C.E. and the name comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word ‘tomatl.’ The wild progenitor of the tomato is thought to have originated in the Andes Mountains of Peru and Ecuador, and domesticated in pre-Columbian Mexico. Tomatoes made their way to Europe in the early 16th century. While Spain and Italy adopted them into their culinary repertoire, in other places (such as northern Europe) tomatoes, as a member of the nightshade family, were believed to be poisonous and grown as ornamental plants only. By the mid-1800s, however, people across the globe were growing, cooking and eating this versatile fruit.

Summertime is Tomato Time

Simple Heirloom Tomato Pasta

There are thousands of tomato varieties in cultivation and everyone has their favorites. We thought we’d talk about just a few that we look forward to every summer. You can also check out the many ways to prepare them in the recipe section of our website, as well as our 2019 blog about heirloom tomatoes. Rich in antioxidants and good sources of vitamins such as vitamin C, which is especially present in the tomato’s pulp, vitamin K, which aids in bone strength, and vitamin A, which helps keeps the body’s immune system running properly,– no matter how you slice (or dice, grill, roast or sauté) them, tomatoes truly do feel like summer!

Summertime is Tomato Time


There is nothing quite like a juicy and flavorful Brandywine heirloom tomato. It has consistently been named “best tasting” due to the balance of rich sweetness, complexity and just enough tart. Plus it has a succulent texture that melts in your mouth. With the large size of a Brandywine tomato, slices make a dramatic Caprese salad or fully cover a brioche bun.

Summertime is Tomato Time

Yellow Pear

This is a cheerful little tomato, with its bright yellow color, firm texture and distinct pear shape. So cute that kids clamor to eat them, these tomatoes are eye catching on a snack tray. A Yellow Pear tomato plant produces all season long if you want to grow one yourself. Best fresh, they also make tasty preserves if you end up with too many.

Capay Tomato Festival 2012

Marvel Stripe

The Marvel Stripe tomato is named for the “marvelous” ruby red stripes that run down its yellow-orange skin as well as the interior flesh. They are large lobed fruits with a mild, sweet, complex flavor and are prized as slicers for burgers and sandwiches, or you can roast or sauté them.

Summertime is Tomato Time


Small, round, orange tomatoes that are easy to grow and even easier eat, these are one of our all-time favorite cherry tomato varieties. With an almost tropical fruity flavor, these little gems, often dubbed “nature’s candy,” are perfect right off the plant. Or add them whole to salad or pasta sauce!

Capay Tomato Festival - Organic heirloom tomatoes

Green Zebra

A medium-sized tomato with a pale green-yellow peel and dark green stripes, the Green Zebra is known for its rich creamy sweetness combined with a tangy, sweet-tart zing. And yet it is not overly acidic. The visual appeal of this fruit makes it a fantastic addition to salads, plus it is delicious in gazpacho.

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