December 31, 2018

Living In The Moment


Farm News 

A big rain came through the farm a few weeks ago. The parched earth soaked up the water without leaving a drop to run off into the creek. Today, the change from that big drink of water is visible. The hills, once bright white with sun-bleached, dry grass are now rustic with wet, brown grass and a base layer of green sprouts on their way up to dominate the landscape.
The fall prep for the farm went well, and fields were adequately prepped with needed tillage and seeding of cover crops. I walked through them this morning. The fields were dark with moisture, but for the most part, nothing stuck to my feet. On the field floor, the cover crop’s vetch, favas and grain are a few inches tall. Behind them, the weed seeds have just germinated and are less than half an inch off the ground. As I walk to imagine the cover crops over taking the weeds and eventually choking them out, preventing them from adding however many millions of weed seeds to the farm.


The crews are in good spirits. With the holiday approaching, there is a festivity in the air. Being rained out has given every one reason for a rest. Today, they bunch kales and chards, making an effort to avoid the occasional mud puddle that for whatever reason still lingers. On the other end of the farm, the crews are making their run at the last of the Satsuma mandarins.


Each year, we balance the weather and ripeness of the orchards to try to have everything harvested and sold by each year’s end. The delicate Satsuma variety of mandarins is susceptible to getting a brown rot issue with too much moisture. So far, this year everything has gone well, but if we are not done soon, problems will show up. Right now, it is looking like we will be done the first week of January, which should be okay. Behind the Satsumas, the Clementines then Murcott mandarins wait on the tree – both later varieties that are much sturdier with the cold and wet weather.


It is this time of year that I muse about another trip around the sun and think about life. In my life, I have learned that I need to make a conscious effort to live for this month, this week, this day, this minute. I am too easily distracted by looking back and looking forward. With each trip around the sun, I become more aware of the reality that life is not the past or the future, but in this moment. I like to think that I become a better person, turning my new awareness into action. With that in mind, I will ask myself and encourage our loyal customers to enjoy the end of this year for what it is – precious minutes, living life. 

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