December 10, 2018

Farm-tastic Gifts to Fulfill Your List

As much as this season is about being joyous and grateful, the gifting process can be time consuming. We can help you continue to feel the joy and beat the crowds by delivering gifts directly to your door. We have an eclectic gift selection for all those fabulous people in your life: the green thumb, the foodie, the salty chef, the sweet tooth and more. When you Customize Your Box, you can easily check off all those gifts on your list!

For the Fabulous Foodie

Foodies tend to be a little more adventurous, while appreciating classic flavor pairings too. We offer high-quality, healthy and tasty options for you to choose from. Here are some fabulous suggestions your foodie friends will get excited about.

The Spontaneous Spread
White Truffle Olive Oil, Organic Rosemary Walnuts, & Castelvetrano Olives

These fantastic specialty food items provide an excellent addition to an impromptu charcuterie or cheese plate. Each item comes from a family-owned-and-operated business with an emphasis on high-quality and superior taste. The white truffle adds a special taste twist, the rosemary walnuts give an unexpected hint of fresh herbs, and the olives give a mild briney, nutty and buttery flavor - all pairing well with a variety of cheeses and cured meats.

The Dynamic Duo 
Cabernet VinegarChampagne Vinegar
These gourmet vinegars were inspired when BR Cohn decided to expand his portfolio from just wine to olive oils and vinegars too.  Both vinegars are slowly aged for 18 to 22 months according to the 500-year-old Orleans method, then bottled to retain the delicate flavors. The Cabernet vinegar has depth, with a hint of sweetness while the Champagne vinegar has an inviting bouquet and a balanced tartness.

Salty or Sweet
Pinot Noir Salt & Salty Black Licorice Chews
These unusual flavor combinations are developed by Jacobson Co., who produces artisan hand-harvested sea salts, with the motto that salt done right brings out the natural flavors of each food. These two items will appeal to both the salty and sweet side. The Pinot Noir Salt, with notes of vanilla and red fruit, can be used to finish a veggie or meat dish, or sprinkled on vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. The Salty Black Licorice is an unusual twist to the salty caramel classic paring. Dark, intriguing and delicious, we think it’s a taste worth acquiring.

For the Fun Guy (or Gal) & Green Thumb

The DIY grow kits offered during the holiday are fun for all ages! The truth of the matter is, you really don’t need to have a green thumb at all. From growing your own mushroom farm, to fostering indoor tomatoes, you're friends will enjoy the entire process.

Tree Oyster Mushroom Mini Farm
This mushroom mini-farm from Far West Fungi is a fun way to incorporate even more fresh produce into the kitchen. Lightly mist the mini-farm, and oyster mushrooms will grow right out of the box they’re packaged in. With proper care, three to four harvests can be grown over a two-month period.

Ready To Grow Tomato Kit
An easy and simple way to grow organic cherry tomatoes inside the home at any time of year. Just plant the seed, add water once a week, and place in a sunny spot. The perfect project for anyone who does or does not have a green thumb.

For the Salty Chef

Watch out for that salty chef in the kitchen. With the perfect salt combinations, you are sure to put a smile on their face and change that salty attitude into a joyful disposition. And you may even be rewarded with the perfect, flavorful meal.

Six Vial Salt Gift Set
With a nod to culinary science, this hip salt set includes Rosemary Salt, Habanero Salt, Pinot Noir Salt, Black Garlic Salt, Salt and Pepper Blend and Pure Flake Finishing Salt in a wooden stand. Some chefs will be inspired by their senses alone, however pairing notes with suggested combinations for each salt are also provided.

Spicy Salt Gift Set
For those who like it spicy, chili lime, ghost chili, and habanero salts should do the trick. These salts are hand-harvested directly from Oregon’s water in Netarts Bay, giving the salts a clean, bright, briny flavor, with a unique flaky crunch.

Easy Gifting Needs
If you need thoughtful gift, but simply do not have the time to curate yourself, we offer five gift baskets that we carefully selected, representing favorite artisan farm products. The baskets themselves are made of recycled paper with recycled paper stuffing inside. Below we have highlighted two of our most popular. We also have the ever popular Farm Fresh To You eGift Card to gift fresh fruits & veggies.

The Farm Favorites Gift Basket
This gift basket contains a collection of our favorite local artisan products including Moon Shine Trading Company Square Honeycomb, Full Belly Farm Organic sun-dried peaches and sun-dried tomatoes, sprouted creamy almond butter from The Philosophers Stoneground,  Chivas Goat Milk Soap, Capay Organic jams (Candystripe Fig & Blenheim Apricot), as well as our home-grown Capay Organic Pistachios (roasted & salted).

The Breakfast Gift Basket
This gift basket contains a collection of our favorite local artisan products including Lover's Lane Amber Honey, Spread the Love Raspberry Preserve and Smooth Almond Butter , Laura Ann's Jams Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam, Pachamama Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, Equal Exchange English Breakfast Tea, Old Dog Ranch Candied Walnuts, From the Fields Organic Chai Currant Oatmeal (gluten free), Noble Bourbon Aged syrup and Vanilla Chamomile syrup.

Farm Fresh To You eGift Cards
If you love your Farm Fresh To You’s farm box and it adds value to your life, then why not introduce organic service to the ones you love? With our Gift of Health eGift Cards, giving a unique and healthful gift is simple. You choose the gift amount and they select the organic produce box that best fits their needs. Give the gift of organic, fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables delivered to their door!

How To Add Farm Gifts to Your Delivery:
CSA members - head on over to our online Farm Stand Market to customize your upcoming delivery. Market is open from noon on Thursday until 6 pm, 2 days before your scheduled delivery day. After you confirm your produce items, click the orange button "Confirm and Continue To Other Farm Products" to add the products to your delivery.

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