June 29, 2017

Carefully Crafted, Organic Dairy-Free Products

Did you know you can add organic, dairy-free products to your Farm Fresh To You farm box deliveries?

We are thrilled to offer carefully crafted and delicious dairy alternatives from the amazing folks at Three Trees and Hodo Soy.

Three Trees

Three Trees
Photo courtesy of Three Trees.
Nuts are one of nature's purest and most concentrated forms of energy. Inside one little nut are all the protein, fats, and micro nutrients necessary to start a tree's life. 

Unsweetened Original Almondmilk is as clean, pure and simple as it gets. With only 2 ingredients, it's just like how you'd make it at home...with a little extra wonder because they use the whole nut, so you're getting the fiber too, and there's less waste!

Three Trees Almondmilk doesn't look like many of the almond milks you may encounter, and we think that's a good thing. Natural separation may occur because there are no additives — so shake it or stir it before you drink it up!  It's real food, and that's the difference.

Enjoy Three Trees as a dairy alternative in your smoothies, coffee, straight from the glass for a satisfying treat, or heated up in a mug for a soul-nourishing beverage. Use it in our Cold Brew Coffee recipe or this simple and delicious Overnight Oats with Nectarines recipe from Three Trees.

Hodo Soy

Photo courtesy of Hodo Soy.

Minh Tsai, founder of Hodo Soy, has made it his mission to recreate the same fresh, great-tasting tofu he enjoyed in home-cooked meals as a child in Vietnam. Their artisanal tofu is made the traditional way, using a rich and creamy, higher-protein soy milk. As a result, the tofu has more complexity and depth of flavor with a freshness you can taste. Their delicious products will forever change the way you know soy milk and tofu!

At Hodo Soy everything starts with the "good bean." Hodo means "good bean" in Chinese and this is the philosophy behind everything they do.


Hodo Soy's Firm Tofu proves that not all tofu is alike. Its buttery smooth texture with the perfect tactile give works well with different cooking methods and cuisines — you can slice, cube or crumble into salads, stir-frys and stews, or marinate for the grill. When deep fried, it takes on a “meaty” texture. According to Hodo Soy, the best way to savor the texture and sweetness of Hodo Firm Tofu is to thinly slice it and drizzle with good EVOO then sprinkle with a little sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

soy milk
Photo courtesy of Hodo Soy.

Hodo Soy's Soy Milk is made from just 2 pure ingredients — the finest organic, non-GMO whole soybeans and water. Made the traditional way, the soy milk is creamy, rich with a nutty aroma and fresh taste. Enjoy it on its own, or spice it up with a splash of ginger vanilla syrup, or as a matcha green tea latte.

How To Add Organic Almondmilk, Soy Milk and Tofu To Your Delivery: CSA members - head on over to our online Farm Stand Market to customize your upcoming delivery. The Market is open from noon on Thursday until 10 pm, 2 days before your scheduled delivery day. After you confirm your produce items, click the orange button "Confirm and Continue To Other Farm Products" to add the products to your delivery.

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