November 4, 2016

Manage Your Service & Delivery Schedule

As your cooking habits change, vacations get planned (lucky you!) and schedules shift, we want your farm box service to keep up with your unique lifestyle.

Here's a quick guide to all the things you can do on your Manage Service page to keep your farm box subscription flexible and customized just for you!

Add an extra one-time delivery

Easily add an extra one-time delivery from the calendar view. Click the plus sign (+) located on the available delivery dates for your neighborhood.

One-time deliveries are stand-alone deliveries and are not affected by any changes to your service (such as changing your box type or next delivery date). Similar to your regularly scheduled deliveries, one-time deliveries can be customized and cancelled by 10 a.m., 2 days before the delivery day.

Perfect for when you have hungry house guests, family gatherings or want spend the weekend making soup. 

Skip a delivery

Have a delivery scheduled that you'd like to skip? No problem; simply click the delivery icon on the date you'd like cancel.

You'll be asked if you'd like to donate your delivery to a local foodbank to help those in need. Skipping an individual delivery won't affect your regular delivery schedule/frequency.

Useful for when you're heading out of town, have a tropical vacation planned or anticipate having no room in the refrigerator because it's filled with pumpkin pie. Not in the mood to cook? Did you know we have a No Cooking box so you can still get your fill of fruits and veggies?

Icon Colors and Box Names

On the calendar view, you'll see icons representing your deliveries. Colors signify the status of your delivery such as a past delivery or a skipped delivery. The abbreviations signify your box type.

By clicking on the icon you'll be able to see other delivery details such as box size and address.

Change your Overall Service

To make a change to your overall service (instead of an individual delivery date) scroll past the calendar and find your Manage Service panel. From there, use the drop down menus to change your Farm Box Service, Delivery & Payment Information and Custom Options like adding an item to your Never Send List (a list of produce items you do not want included in your deliveries) or Recurring Items List (a list of items you have chosen to be automatically added to each delivery).

Please remember that the cut-off for all changes to a delivery/service must be made by 10 a.m., 2 days before your next scheduled delivery day.

Use when you want to change your overall farm box service instead of one or two individual deliveries.