November 8, 2016

From the Farmers Market and Farm Box To Your Table


You may have heard the story about how our farm started. In 1976, my dad was a community development major at UC Davis and had the lofty goal of changing the food system.

He had a professor who encouraged him to actually do it. So, he and some like-minded folks hatched the idea of starting a farmers market, which was an unusual idea at the time. He kind of panicked about starting the market, worrying that people wouldn’t come and farmers wouldn’t show up either. So, he quickly planted some crops that would be ready to sell when the market opened and that is how Capay Organic, our farm, was born.

One of his compatriots in those days was Ann Evans, who went on to become the mayor of Davis, the town where the market began. Ann is a pioneer in the food movement who has spent her life working to create a transparent food system. She has devoted her career as a politician, writer, food activist and food consultant to this end.

We are so pleased to be part of her latest project The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook (revised edition). Our family has a great photo on page 11 with our third-generation of farmers. There is a lovely tribute to my mom and dad on page 235.

In this revised edition of the book, which we are selling in our Market Stand online (you can add a copy to your box), there are 75 recipes organized by season. This revised edition includes 20 new recipes and a year of monthly menus. I cannot wait to get into the kitchen with this book.

Today, we still have a stall at the Davis Farmers Market. Once a month, one of us brothers works the market with our kids to continue in the family tradition of creating a direct relationship from farmer to consumer.