September 5, 2016

Access to Fresh Produce


Many people ask us what our parents would think about how our CSA business has grown over the years. As may you know, our mom passed away in 2000, so she is not around to ask, but my brothers and I think she would be surprised at how many people get the Farm Fresh To You box. She would also be pleased that we are providing access to produce direct from farms to many households. We too are proud to bring produce to so many people’s tables.

My Dad is still around to reflect on the company’s growth. Remember, when he and our mom started the farm in 1976, it was part hobby and partly because they needed produce for the Davis Farmers Market that he helped get off the ground. It all started with the notion of access to produce back then too – access to a direct relationship with the farmer and access to a business model that moved produce for the farmer.

Dad has lived in France for many years, but he comes back to California for the holidays and mutters that he can’t believe we are big enough to have a marketing department. Back in the day, “the marketing department” was him, talking up our farm.

Our CSA is what is termed a “multi-farm” CSA. We partner with a number of trusted growers who farm like we do to get the best variety and most local produce possible for your boxes. Depending on
the season, much of what comes in your box comes from our farm.We now grow 40 types of fruits and vegetables with 60 varieties. For example, we grow heirloom tomatoes (type) and 5 varieties of that type.

While we have grown a lot since the early days, we have stayed true to our roots (pun intended). To us, a direct relationship with your local farm is one of the best things you can do to contribute to the
sustainable agriculture movement and your local community. Being aware of where and how your food is grown is a powerful step in changing the food system.