August 14, 2015

Lean Green Gravenstein


Bok choy seems like it might be an odd choice in a juice, but it actually complements the pear and apple fantastically in this lean green Gravenstein juice. Bok choy contains tons of vitamin A and has a low calorie count, making this green juice a great way to start the day!


(serves 2)

2 small or 1 large head of baby bok choy
2 Gravenstein apples
2 pears

1 handful mint

Blender/Food Processor Directions: Cut the pears and apples into small chunks and add them to the blender or food processor. Process with some water until smooth. Roughly chop the baby bok choy and add to the food processor. Mix until combined. Add a handful of mint and blend. Taste and add more mint leaves if desired. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Juicer Directions: Feed the bok choy, apple halves and pear halves down the chute one at a time until processed. Add a handful of mint. Pour into a glass and enjoy! 

Note: This juice separates if not enjoyed immediately. No need to worry, just shake it or stir it up again. 

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