August 27, 2015

Healthy Fundraising for your School

Looking for a fresh new way of fundraising for your school? It’s time to think outside the box, or in this case, inside the box!

Through our farm's Healthy Fundraiser, you can easily earn money for your school (year round!) while also promoting healthier eating habits. 

Healthy Fundraising for your School

We work with your school to choose the fundraising model that works best for your organization. Your school then shares their special promo code. When current or new Farm Fresh To You members use your school code, your school earns money. We will deliver fresh, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables right to participants’ doorsteps.
Raise the much needed funds for your school, get your family and friends to eat healthier and support local farms all at the same time.

Starting a healthy school fundraiser will build a strong connection with students for local farms and help to teach the next generation to value fresh produce as part of a healthy diet. Let’s Grow Healthy Students!
  • Healthy Fundraiser – Turn students into healthy eating advocators!
  • Supports Your Community – Fruits, veggies and farm products are sourced from local farms.
  • Simple – No points to redeem, no forms to mail in and no fees. We do all the work for you!
  • Convenient – When current or new Farm Fresh To You members use your special promo code, your school earns money – year round! 
Healthy Fundraising for your School
    If you're interested in learning more about this program for your school (*see limits below), please contact us at We can help work with your school to choose the best fundraising model and promo code. *Fundraising program is limited to schools in our California delivery areas. 

    Healthy Fundraising for your School

    Praise from our Partner Schools
    Sandy Hill Nursery School has been our Fundraising Partner since September of 2014. We recently presented their school with a "big check" at our Farm-to-Fork Summer Feast on the Farm at Suzie’s Farm in San Diego. Here’s what Lara had to say about participating in our Fundraising Program this past year.
    It has been such a pleasure working with the Farm Fresh To You family. With their support of the Healthy Schools fundraiser our nursery school raised over $1,200.00 this last school year (and still counting!). We found many parents registered for the Farm Fresh boxes as the high quality certified organic produce, customization option and direct home delivery made it an easy option for those interested in leading a healthy lifestyle while still balancing a busy schedule. 

    Our five year old son looks forward to the day our box arrives; we unpack the fruits and vegetables together and talk about the organic farming process of his food making it from the farm to our table. What a beautiful way to connect children to their food source and enable them with an opportunity to appreciate and respect the earth.  This has been a wonderful, educational experience for us all. Thank you Farm Fresh To You!
                     - Lara Wiseman, Parent at Sandy Hill Nursery School
    Healthy Fundraising for your School

    Golden Valley Charter School – Fundraising partner since August 2013
    “We love being rewarded for doing something that’s good for us and for our school!  With the Farm Fresh Program, we receive delicious, healthy, organic foods delivered to our door, while our school receives funding for important programs.” - Kim Mcilnay, Parent at Golden Valley Charter School