April 28, 2023

Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs

Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we want to celebrate and honor the moms who have started and run their own family businesses! The time, determination and perseverance to start a small business, not to mention a food company where creating and perfecting recipes and packaging are months to years-long steps in the process, are monumental. We think these feats are amazing and the women who have accomplished them even more so.

Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs

Stellar Snacks

Stellar Snacks is a mom and daughter-founded company that bakes their snacks from scratch daily. From hand-picked seasonings to sustainably harvested flours grown and milled in the U.S., they take pride in using natural ingredients. Their vegan butter is rich, smooth and perfect with pretzels, and for additional flavor they use whole ingredients like garlic, onion and monk fruit. Gina and Elisabeth believe snacks are meant to be shared, so they make non-GMO, vegan, Kosher pretzels that everyone can enjoy.

Embracing the concept that pretzels are little works of art, they created packaging that is as innovative as the twists inside. Stellar Snacks partners with emerging illustrators and designers to bring these packages to life. Artists are given a platform to showcase their talents putting a work of art onto every bag. Scanning the QR code takes you to a gallery of the artist’s work.

Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs


Rosa Li’s Chinese grandmother raised her for the first 12 years of her life and brewed tonics with a wondrous blend of wild herbs and plants. Remembering how they would soothe her stomach and lift her spirits Rosa re-imagined the healing drinks of her heritage, combining herbal wisdom with gut-healing superfoods and whimsical flavors. Enjoying the benefits of probiotic and prebiotic botanicals remains her passion as she creates Wildwonder wellness drinks for all to enjoy. Plus 5% of profits go towards empowering women and marginalized communities.

Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs

Life's Grape

In 2019, mother-daughter duo Basia and Courtney Gillespie decided to share their scrumptious snack idea with the world and Life's Grape was born. Using the unique varietal, Selma Pete, these grapes are gently dried on the vine under the shade of the leaf canopy. This slow drying process results in a juicier product than most raisins. Cover them with dark chocolate from a California chocolatier or creamy peanut butter and you have 100% real fruit snacks that are all-natural, non-GMO, and sulfite and preservative-free.

Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs


Born in India and inspired by her grandmother, Sukhi Singh had a natural gift for cooking. In 1985, she moved to the U.S. with a passion and vision for sharing her native cuisine with those who love good food. She began cooking in a rented kitchen and selling products at local farmer’s markets in the Bay Area. The entire family pitched in, demand grew, and a business was born.

In 2005, her three children came home to help manage and grow the company. As a result, Sukhi’s gourmet products have flourished, to the delight of people who love Indian food as well as those who are new to the cuisine. As Chef Sukhi says, "There are two types of people: people who love Indian cuisine and the people who just haven't tried it yet. Come into my kitchen and fall in love."

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