March 1, 2017

Adopt a Young Fruit Tree Today!


Ever thought of trying your hand at growing Farm Fresh fruit? If you answered yes, then you are in luck. We have a limited supply of young Black Jack Fig and Blenheim Apricot trees up for adoption in your online farm stand. These young whippersnappers will be delivered to your door in either 10” x 4” x 4” pot (Black Jack Fig) or wrapped in burlap or craft paper at the base (Blenheim Apricot).

Left: Young Black Jack Fig, Right: Full Grown Black Jack Fig

Black Jack Fig

The Black Jack Fig is a large, elongated purplish fruit with beautiful strawberry red flesh. It is a good producer with especially sweet, juicy fruit. The sweetest figs develop when the day time temperature regularly exceeds 95 degrees F. Figs thrive in most soil types, as long as it is well-drained. These little ones will grow to about 25' tall with a canopy of about 15’ in diameter.

Figs need warm soil for their roots to start developing, and it is recommended that they be planted in growing zones 7-9. Simply plant your young fig tree in full sun and water weekly during the hotter months. Drought-stressed trees will not produce fruit, however, too much water can kill a young tree. Make sure to fertilize them in spring after their first year of growing with an organic fertilizer that is lower in nitrogen and high in phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Trees should begin to fruit within 1-2 years of planting. Pruning should happen during the winter months.

Left: Young Apricot Tree, Right: Full Grown Apricot Tree

Blenheim Apricot

The Blenheim is California’s most popular apricot tree and for good reason! Apricots produced by the Blenheim are considered to be the most succulent and flavorful. It will need well-drained, moderately fertile soil, and you can expect your first apricot harvest on year 3.


Simply remove the cover at the base of your tree, and plant in the ground just up to the node. Make sure to plant in full sun, and give it a good watering. Once your tree is established, water weekly during the hot months, and fertilize the tree once per year in the early spring just prior to bud break. Your Blenheim Apricot tree will grow 8' tall and the canopy will be 6' in diameter. This tree is generally difficult to grow in late frost areas. Recommended for growing zones 7-10.

How To Add A Young Tree To Your Delivery: CSA members - head on over to our online Farm Stand Market to customize your upcoming delivery. Market is open from noon on Thursday until 10 am, 2 days before your scheduled delivery day. After you confirm your produce items, click the orange button "Confirm and Continue To Other Farm Products" to add the products to your delivery.

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