October 3, 2016

Fall Breezes


The peak of the afternoon heat is still hot enough to bring sweat to your brow. It is during these same few hours that the fall vegetables get too hot and begin to slightly wilt under the stress of the heat. The rest of the hours in the day have been ideal for fall and winter vegetables.

The evenings have brought a fall breeze that gracefully, but forcefully, makes its presence known to the farm. The trees bow. The grasses wave, and any leaves that are not securely attached to a branch find themselves traveling with the wind. The remaining leaves of the deciduous fruit trees and vines are beginning to realize that their service to their organization is nearing the end and soon these fall breezes will leave their trees and vines completely bare. The orchard floors will be painted with the colors of fall.

The first light rain of the season filled the valley last week blown in by the same fall winds. As a few rain drops started to fall from the sky, an emotion stirred at my core. The hard work of summer is over; time to follow the lead of Mother Nature and slow down.

There was not a lot of rain, enough to damp down the farms dusty roads and leave the trees looking shiny. I took deep breaths filling my lungs with the misty, but delightful smell of fall’s first rain. Let’s hope there’s much more to come.