July 11, 2016

Summer Days


The sun has baked the hills into their beautiful, golden color that will last for the next few months. The days have been hot, which is great for our tomatoes, but not so pleasant for people. Lots of water is being consumed, and the heat of the day results in a slower, but still steady pace, for all farm jobs.

There has been a breeze that ensures the farm never feels stagnant. In the breeze, a red-tailed hawk floats around. He dips and swoops close to the ground, faced into the wind with his wings steady and straight out. As he gets too close to the ground, he flaps his wings for a few moments, and the bird’s eye view of the hawk is regained.

I like to imagine what the farm looks like to him - some areas green, other areas bare dirt. The dust and debris of a tractor discing make the spotting of food easy for him. The area by the creek, filled with trees, is a sure place to take refuge in a wild area or get a drink of water.

On the ground, everyone and everything notices the hawks on the farm. Look up at them. There is a sense of freedom that the imagination enjoys while thinking about having to navigate the full three dimensions of the world. And just as we think about the raptors being king of the air, a small group of blue jays or blackbirds show up, dive bombing the hawk, communicating in a language so universal that even humans get the message that, for some reason, the little birds are annoyed with the king of the air.