May 23, 2016

Nourishing Each Other

We wanted you to meet one of our favorite farmers based in San Diego and hear about how your Farm Fresh To You deliveries are supporting small family farms. Even if you can’t make it down to San Diego for this dinner, please know that we are “cultivating” relationships like this with farmers throughout the state in order to bring you the most local, seasonal produce available. Stay tuned for more partner farm stories. - Thaddeus

Suzie's Farm

I’m Mexican and in my culture, like many other cultures, you gather the people that you love the most around you, and you feed them. Our farm provides the ingredients for everyone to do just that. We call our customers our “farmily” – we love growing food that feeds them and their families. We really can’t do it without them. Without our customers, including those who get our produce in their Farm Fresh To You boxes, all we’ve got is compost. We want to cultivate relationships with our customers and nourish each other.

Don Julio - Farm to Shaker

We will gather together to break bread for our second annual summer feast with our Farm Fresh To You circle on Saturday, July 30th, at our farm in San Diego.  Farm Fresh To You is an important partnership for us. In fact, it helps us stay in business. It gives us stability. If we know we can grow radishes and harvest them and definitely have a place to sell them, we will have seed money for the following week. Farming is a volatile business, but a dependable sales channel helps us tremendously.

Suzie's Dinner

At last year’s dinner, my favorite part was seeing the dinner guests reveling in the field. They got to reconnect with the land and to think about what it takes to get food on their plates. Being in the field also has a way of reinforcing your commitment to supporting a farm to our customers – I often say, “this is your farm too and because of you, we will stay in business.”

Suzie's Dinner

Chef Jeff Rossman of Terra American Bistro is returning for this year’s dinner. He is a chef truly dedicated to the movement of knowing your farm and where your food comes from.

suzies dinner

For us, these dinner are about feeding the spirit and the soul. We look forward to seeing you there.
 – Lucila De Alejandro, Suzie’s Farm, San Diego