September 22, 2015

Eat Real! October Unprocessed Month

october unprocessed 2015
For the sixth year in a row, food writer Andrew Wilder of the blog Eating Rules is challenging us to modify our eating habits for the month of October. The goal? To dump the processed frankenfood many of us eat daily, and replace it with delicious whole foods.

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We know that many of our customers subscribe to this philosophy already, but we couldn’t be happier to spread the good word and offer our encouragement with recipes, tips, a book giveaway and more. Interested participants should sign the pledge on Wilder's blog and use the social media hashtag #Unprocessed to cheer on other participants, exchange recipes or lament about the hardship of giving up sweeteners and ranch-flavored Doritos.

Wilder said he chose October as the challenge month because it's the gateway to bad eating habits: It starts with Halloween candy, then there's Thanksgiving indulgences, followed by an endless stream of holiday parties.

Homemade Satsuma Soda

The rules are simple, fool-proof and designed to make you successful. The Cliffs Notes version of the rules: whatever you eat must pass "The Kitchen Test." Simply stated, unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with whole-food ingredients. That doesn't mean you actually have to be the one to make it in your kitchen.

If you are still on the fence about taking the challenge, just know this: Beer and wine pass the kitchen test (wink).

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For two generations now (three if you count the kiddos above), we've encouraged local, organic, real-food eating. On our website we have a fantastic array of recipes, we'll be pinning recipes on our October Unprocessed board on Pinterest and sharing your stories here on our blog to help you eat healthier during this challenge, and all year long. Plus, you've got one leg up since you receive farm-fresh, organic produce to your door.

Interested? Here’s the free, October Unprocessed official guide for 2015; whether or not you sign up, we recommend it for a wealth of unprocessed-food info, including how to read food labels and stock your unprocessed pantry.


1) Take the Pledge.
2) Discuss October Unprocessed with your family.
3) Help your friends be healthier too - Refer-A-Friend to Farm Fresh To You and do the challenge together.
4) Set Your Goals. One week or the whole month (mine is six days a week for a month).
5) Follow our October Unprocessed board on Pinterest.
6) Read Eating Rules for daily updates and tips during the month of October.
7) Share with us here on the blog and on Facebook and use the hashtag #Unprocessed! Send pictures, updates and your favorite recipes. Don't be afraid to share the high and low points. Good luck!

How Will You Participate in October Unprocessed Month?