May 21, 2015

Turnip Dem Phat Beetz!

phat beets produce
Photo by Zachary Matthews

At Farm Fresh To You, there is nothing more exciting than meeting another company that creates a great product and supports their surrounding community and environment in the process. Meet Phat Beetz Youth Pickle Co. (PBYPC), a social justice movement that aims to create worthwhile jobs for Oakland’s youth while promoting local farmers, supporting community gardens, and funding food justice with the sale of delicious, pickled veggies.

phat beetz youth pickling co
Photo provided by Phat Beetz Youth Pickle Co.

Most food that comes in jars has been pasteurized, which eliminates any chance of contamination, but also radically reduces the nutritious nature of the food. Our digestion system requires the help of good bacteria living in our intestines.

Mass-produced, pasteurized foods have neither good nor bad bacteria in them, but fermented foods are made with microbiotic cultures, and eating them has been shown to replenish our essential bacteria.

the pickler

If you have ever considered pickling your veggies or making your own signature Kraut, PBYC has come up with a fool-proof pickling kit that takes the guess work out of creating delicious pickled snacks. And the great news is, you can continue to re-use The Pickler! kit and try out different spices and recipes in your quest for the ultimate pickle. As we move from spring to summer, pickling is a great way to enjoy your favorite spring veggies throughout the rest of the year. 

prepping carrots for the pickler

We decided to try out the The Pickler! kit with the kids. With a handful of little helpers, it didn’t take long to prep the veggies, add spices and water. It only takes 5+ days for your veggies to transform into delightful, pickled snacks. 

Check out our recipe for Spicy Pickled Carrots on our blog.

Here are the BASICS for Creating Brined Pickled Veggies:

Pick veggies or fruits (cucumber, carrots, beets, zucchini, green beans, etc.)

Put spices that you like on the bottom of the jar. Some of the more popular spices include allspice, bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, ginger, mustard seeds and peppercorns to name a few.

Put 1 grape leaf, oak leaf (tanins) at the bottom to keep them crispy.

Wash produce and chop into pieces (you decide how big).

Pack into jar to the top of the label.

Make brine: mix about 2 + tablespoons of salt with a 16 oz (pint) of the best water you got (sea salt or mineral is best).

Pour brine over veggies till the fill line.

Put lid on with air lock and wait 5+ days, then taste!

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