January 29, 2015

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative


Photo provided by Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

There is nothing more satisfying than waking-up on a chilly January morning to the smell of really good coffee brewing. But honestly, coffee is a favorite beverage around the farm in every season. This is why we are very excited to offer Farm Fresh To You customers two delectable organic coffee varietals from Pachamama, a farmer-owned coffee cooperative based in California.

pachamama farmers

Photo provided by Pachamama Coffee Cooperative
Pachamama’s member-cooperative represent tens of thousands of families in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. Buying organic coffee directly from farmers means better quality coffee, a better life for the farm family and a healthier environment.

pachamama coffees

This week we are offering organic French roast, a tried-and-true dark roast that is well known for its bold, strong and smooth flavor and a single-origin, medium roast coffee from Nicaragua that has a bright and complex flavor.

alexa marin

Photo provided by Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

Farmer Highlight 

Pachamama has been working closely with Alexa Marin, whose farm was devastated last year by the coffee rust, “La Roya”. La Roya destroys the coffee tree, leaving a skeleton of a plant that was once a lush plant covered in cherries. Coffee, unlike annual crops, takes 4 years to be a producing plant. As a single woman with two grown sons, it would be easy to stop farming. However, on a trip to Nicaragua last year, Pachamama sampled 20 coffees and Alexa’s coffee was among the best. At Pachamama they have been actively raising funds to help Alexa replant in order to create a thriving family farm.

pachamama farm 2

Photo provided by Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

How To Add Pachamama Coffee to Your Delivery:
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