October 1, 2014

We're In This Together - October Unprocessed Month

It is October 1st and here at Farm Fresh To You, we're taking the October Unprocessed pledge once again - and we hope that you will too!

As many of you know, the most powerful device you have to transform your health is your fork! The goal of the October Unprocessed challenge is to try and get as many people as possible eating higher quality, whole foods and to refrain from eating processed foods for the month of October.

Fear not, this challenge is not about deprivation. Quite the opposite, it is about taking time to read labels, trying a few delicious whole food recipes and maybe developing a few good habits in the process.


The rules are simple, fool-proof and designed to make you successful. The Cliffs Notes version is that whatever you eat must pass "The Kitchen Test." Simply stated, unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with whole-food ingredients. That doesn't mean you actually have to be the one to make it in your kitchen. Sounds doable right? Word on the street is that beer and wine pass the kitchen test so it can’t be all that hard to stick with it (wink).

Kale Salad on Board

A few basic guidelines to keep in mind: eat only whole grains, avoid high fructose sugar, and stay away from trans-fat.

For two generations now, we've encouraged local, organic, real-food eating. On our website we have a fantastic array of recipes, we'll be pinning recipes on our October Unprocessed board on Pinterest and sharing your stories here on our blog to help you eat healthier during this challenge, and all year long. Plus, you've got one leg since you receive farm fresh produce to your door.


 Thaddeus, Freeman and Noah in the fig orchard.

1)      Take the Pledge.
2)      Discuss October Unprocessed with your family.
3)      Help your friends be healthier too - Refer-A-Friend to Farm Fresh To You and do the challenge together.
4)      Set Your Goals. One week or the whole month (mine is six days a week).
5)      Follow our October Unprocessed board on Pinterest.
6)      Read Eating Rules for daily updates and tips during the month of October.
7)      Share with us here on the blog and on Facebook! Send pictures, updates and your favorite recipes. Don't be afraid to share the high and low points!

Good luck, and remember, we are all in this together!  

Happy October Unprocessed Month!