October 14, 2013

The Essential Good Food Guide Book Giveaway!

The Essential Good Food Guide Book Giveaway
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“At last we have Margaret Wittenberg to answer our most basic questions about any food we see: ‘What is it? and ‘What do I do with it?’ The Essential Good Food Guide is an extraordinarily comprehensive guide to foods, ingredients, and their handling.  Sophisticated cooks as well as beginners will be grateful to have this indispensable book at hand.” - Marion Nestle, author of What to Eat

The Essential Good Food Guide by Margaret M. Wittenberg is your one-stop resource for purchasing, storing, cooking and enjoying whole foods. From uncommon ingredient profiles to clarifying confusing food labels, Wittenberg skillfully educates consumers on where their food comes from, making it easier to determine healthier options.
The Essential Good Food Guide Book Giveaway
“Rather than being about what foods to avoid and why, The Essential Good Food Guide is an introduction or a reminder of what good food is and what to do with it.” - Margaret M. Wittenberg, The Essential Good Food Guide 

Margaret helps explain common misperceptions about everyday items, allowing you to maximize the benefits of whole foods cooking. This book is more than a guide; it is an encyclopedia and your new kitchen companion. We are thrilled to give away this informative book to one of you!   

The Essential Good Food Guide Book Giveaway
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Margaret M. Wittenberg is a well-known authority and educator on natural and organic foods with more than thirty-five years of experience. She is a former member of the USDA National Organic Standards Board and has served on many other boards directed on organic agriculture, seafood sustainability, agricultural environmental standards, and farm animal welfare.  
We're so happy to announce we have a copy of this amazing
book to give away to one of you!
Here's How to Enter – (Giveaway is now closed)
To win a copy of The Essential Good Food Guide, simply leave a comment below answering this question by Tuesday, October 29, 2013 (one entry per person please).

If you could ask Margaret to share her insider's knowledge
about one particular ingredient, what would it be?
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Thank you to everyone who participated! It is very exciting to read your questions and see how many of you are provoking a food dialogue!

We have chosen a winner:
The winner chosen at random is Paul Picard who asked:
Is the nutritional benefit of young tender asparagus better than more mature asparagus? What are some of your favorite ways of serving this vegetable?

Congratulations Paul Picard!
A big thank you to again to Margaret M. Wittenberg!

Be sure to check out The Essential Good Food Guide.