April 20, 2012

Earth Day Everyday

Stroll Among the Blossoms

  " In every walk with nature

one receives far more than he seeks. "

John Muir, Naturalist 1838 - 1914

Growing up on the farm, we learned first-hand the important connection between caring for the earth and enjoying it.

Through you, we see this connection happening every day. Your belief in and support of our small, organic family farm not only strengthens the kinder, more responsible care of our planet, but is amplified by the way you relish how real, seasonal food should look, taste and make your body feel. You complete the circle and make every day Earth Day.

As the word "reduce" encompasses many of our Earth Day activities, I'm aware of how important it is to also "increase" our connection with the natural world - to enjoy it even more than before.

John Muir's relationship to the natural world around him was one of preservation and appreciation - it was a part of his soul - a source of inspiration and meditation.

In wishing you a wonderful Earth Day and thanking you for your support of our organic farm, each year I return to this thought. Where do you like to go? Where in nature do you feel grounded in yourself and connected to the earth? Is it in the woods, at the beach, in the mountains, in your backyard, at your windowsill? 

Are there places you used to go but have been too busy to find once again? The answer for me is yes.  I've started thinking about how I can get there again.

This Earth Day, I’d love it if you’d leave a comment, share your story, your way of enjoying our earth.  At farm tours, these conversations are among my favorites as I get to hear a little more about your neck of the woods, your adventures.  Here, we can start a collection of inspiration and reminders that part of our planet-protecting efforts should be to get out and have more fun! Observe more carefully. Enjoy more deeply. I will too.  Happy Earth Day to you and your family from everyone here.